Content is king.

Some brands have embraced this ideology to the point that they have included content marketing into their identity to behave like a media company.

From audio, video, to text - brands are now playing the long-term game of providing value to their users by educating them about their industry and product while trying to be relatable.

As more brands adopted this mantra, today we see a new ideology established in the world of marketing:

Every company is a media company.

If you haven’t embraced content marketing to the level that you don’t have a publishing arm as your content strategy, then this newsletter is for you.

We cover top companies who have nailed content marketing and see how they have strategized their publishing efforts.

As we move forward, we will devise a framework that can help you strategize yours and conduct podcasts with experts.

Apart from this, here’s how Media First Brand newsletter can help you:

  • Case Studies: in-depth content marketing funnel analysis of creators and companies playing the long-term game of content marketing by becoming media-first companies.

  • Examples and hacks: unique ways in which brands have approached content marketing and media publishing.

  • Consulting: Want to design your content marketing strategy? I can help you or find amazing strategists in your niche who can nail it for you.

  • Hiring: Want to hire talent like freelance/full-time writers, marketers, editors, etc? I can help you build your content and editorial team.

  • Podcasts with executioners of this content strategy within these brands (upcoming)

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